This Summer’s Top Motorcycle Rallies: June 2014

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Written by: Kevin Parker

Summer is a magical time, an entire season of extended days filled to the brim with sunlight and general goodwill. As with the Christmas season over winter, there are many traditional events and occurrences which take place over summertime which celebrate the diversity and general good faith of our nation’s communities. Whether an avid music fan wishing to visit one of the season’s many events and festivals or an antique collector looking to source some new wares at a local fair, summer is a time for like-minded people to come together and share their passions. This is no more accurate an observation than in the world of motorcycling, with each and every summer filled full with countless local, regional, and national fairs and events which seek to accomplish everything from sharing the latest designs in motorcycle luggage to springing a debate on the necessity of riding chaps.

Let’s take a look at some of the approaching summer’s most noteworthy motorcycle rallies, beginning with the month of June:

Warrensberg Bike Rally – New York

Warrenberg Biker Rally

Warrenberg Biker Rally

Taking place over eight days from May 30th to June 8th, Warrensberg Bike Rally is now into its 11th year. A free event, the rally has been steadily growing with each passing year and offers something for every member of the family. Outgrowing its previous venue, the rally has now been relocated to the Warren County Fairgrounds.

Redwood Run – Piercy, California

Redwood Run Motorcycle Rally

Redwood Run Motorcycle Rally

The self-proclaimed sole remaining “old school rally” on the west coast, Redwood Run is a rally with a slightly more specific clientele. With hundreds of vendors stocking some of the most bad-ass biker jackets and open-face helmets you’re likely to encounter over the course of your entire summer travels, the Run also features live music all weekend long. Catch the run from June 13th to June 15th.

Laconia Bike Week – New Hampshire

Taking things back out east, Laconia Bike Week is one of the oldest existing events of its kind in the entire US – with this year’s event marking its 90th anniversary! During this time, the rally at Laconia has unsurprisingly become one of the most renowned events of its kind in the world, so you can expect to be sharing your time here with thousands of other people. Nonetheless, there is something for everyone, so whether looking to invest in a shiny new pair of motorbike gloves or get fall-down drunk in the beautiful New Hampshire countryside, make sure you arrive sometime between the 14th and the 22nd of June.

Hogrock River Rally – Illinois

Taking place over three days and three nights between June 12th and June 15th, Hogrock invites bikers of all styles and preferences to come along and share in each other’s passions. Loads of live music and loads of booze. 18+

Street Vibrations – Spring Rally

Street Vibrations

Street Vibrations

A weekend full of intense fun awaits all of those who attend this year’s Street Vibrations in Sparks (Reno), Nevada. Taking place from June 6th to June 8th, this rally is fast becoming one of the nation’s more renowned, with shed loads of on-site entertainments, as well as all of the usual vendors.

SC Motorcycle Rallies Turnout Hard to Predict

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69th Annual Myrtle Beach Bike Week, Days Away

In the world of motorcycle rallies, the million-dollar question continues to be, "Will they come?" And no one seems to have the crystal ball on this one. Economic woes already were expected to negatively impact turnout to many of this year's scheduled motorcycle rallies, including Myrtle Beach's Bike Week; but with the Horry County council's newly-enacted legislation targeting bikers, while the 69th Myrtle Beach Bike Week event will happen, it's definitely going to be a wait-see as to what the attendance numbers will be. And that goes for other rallies to be held in the Myrtle Beach area throughout the month of May.

Vendors and Businesses Prepare for Motorcycle Rally Crowds

Still several days away from the start of the Myrtle Beach Bike Week, it is reported that there are already far fewer bikers arriving than in previous years. Vendors and business that cater to and thrive on the business that bikers bring to these May rallies, while making some cut-backs on supply orders, are expecting bikers to make their annual pilgrimage and are readying their businesses to welcome those that do show.

Barefoot Landing on the north end and Suck Bang Blow, a biker bar on the south end are already having their vendors set up.  Mike Shank, a spokesman for Harley-Davidson, regarding this year's Bike Week stated, "The feel of it's a little different, but people are excited about being at Barefoot in North Myrtle Beach, because they feel welcome up there and we feel like that people will come north and go south so it will be a good location."  Todd Price of Suck Bang Blow decided to move most of his vendors indoors, even though it will take up more space. Price has said that many bikers will avoid the city because of the new laws, but hopes more people will be inside and outside. Businesses like Suck Bang Blow and Barefoot Landing rely on the spring and fall motorcycle rallies to sustain them financially year-round and are hoping for a good turnout.

International Motorcycle Rallies

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International Motorcycle Rallies in '09


  • Speed Fest – Mar 14-15 (Valles, Barcelona/Spain)
  • Honda 40th Anniversary Rally – (Queensland, Australia)
  • 7th Costa Rica National Rally – April 24-26 (San Jose/Costa Rica)
  • 17th Love Ride – May 3 (Switzerland)
  • Harley-Davidson – May 7-10 (Port Grimaud/St. Tropez/ Cote d'Azur/ France
  • Skagen Rally – May 21-23 (Copenhagen/Denmark)
  • 64th Rally FIM – May 25-30 (Zadar-Zaton/Croatia)
  • Swiss 500 Miles – June 6-7 (Zurich Dietikon/Switzerland)
  • Custom Bike Show – June 6 (Norralje/Sweden)
  • XIX Reunion International HDC-C – June 11-14 (El Vendrell/Spain)
  • Helsinki Bike Show – June 13 (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Ultimate Rally 2009 – June 26-27 (Marcillat en Combraille/France)
  • International Trucker & Country Festival – June 26-28 (Interlaken/Switzerland)
  • Swiss Harley Days – July 3-5 (Interlaken/Switzerland)
  • H.O.G. Rally – multiple dates in July and August (Cranbrook/Victoriaville/Halifax/Barrie/Calgary/Canada)
  • Bulldog Bash – August 6-9 (Warwickshire/England)
  • 12th European Bike Week – September 8-13 (Faak am See/ Austria)
  • 10th Caribbean H.O.G. Rally – November 6-8 (Copamarina/Puerto Rico)
  • The Carole Nash NEC Bike Show – November 27 – December 6 (Allesely, Coventry/England)
  • Snowdogs Moto Rally – (Russia)

Many of the websites are not translated into English, so check the details listed carefully before making travel plans. While we attempted to provide the most accurate information about the rally date and location, the rally website will be most reliable. For those that end up attending one of these rallies, send us details of your adventure to share with other readers.

Sturgis Rally Marketing Rights Dispute Over

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Sturgis Chamber of Commerce – New Owner of Sturgis Bike Week

For nearly a decade, the relationship between the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce and the owners of Sturgis Bike Week, Inc., have remained strained in a dispute over who would own the motorcycle rally’s marketing rights. When you have an event that has that much notoriety among motorcyclists worldwide, attracting hundreds of thousands of bikers to the venue yearly, it’s likely that trademark and copyright ownership for that event would be worth big bucks. In the world of motorcycle rally games, this tug of war seemed like it would never end. Finally, on March 3rd, 2009, that ongoing dispute was finally resolved.

Happy Campers Only at Sturgis ’69

The  details of the transaction that put this Sturgis Rally issue to a much-needed rest has not been disclosed, but the news is that Sturgis Bike Week has been purchased by the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce and that both parties are happy with the resolution. Francie Ruebel-Alberts, one of the three Sturgis Bike Week, Inc., owners, stated that, "…we just kept coming back to our desire to keep it in the Sturgis community. Despite the fact that we have had our differences over the years, the Sturgis Chamber seemed the obvious choice and to maintain local ownership was very important to us." Gary Lippold and Bob Davis were the other two owners.

This wasn’t the first newsworthy dealing to take place in Sturgis this year. The Glencoe Campground and the Rock’n the Rally Amphitheater also changed ownership this year. Gary Lippold, again co-owner of those properties, participated in a little official paper inking a few months back that finalized that $8.6 million real estate transaction. These are just a couple of  Sturgis behind-the-scene details we thought might interest you. The 69th Anniversary Sturgis Rally countdown is still ticking down to its scheduled August 3-9, 2009, date with plans for a great motorcycle rally still in the making. Aerosmith and Toby Keith are just a couple of the top-named musicians you’ll find on the ’09 event calendar along with lots of other great motorcycle rally activities.  

Major Motorcycle Rallies in March 2009

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March ’09 Motorcycle Rallies

The March Motorcycle Rallies Calendar is starting to kick into gear, especially in the southern states where hints of Spring have bikers more than ready for some nice riding weather and a little rally action. Daytona Bike Week, which started on February 27th, is one of the first major rallies of ’09, and continues until March 8th. Some of the other rallies scheduled for the month of March include:

There are lots of other motorcycle rides, runs, rallies, and other events scheduled throughout March, so visit the Motorcycle Rallies page to view a more complete list.

Americade Rally Adds New Activities

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’09 Rally Defies Recession

While several annual motorcycle rallies have been canceled or had to be scaled down in ’09, the Americade Rally organizers have instead announced a newer and bigger activities calendar for this year’s rally. The ’09 Americade Rally, scheduled for June 1-6, 2009, will be the 26th Americade Rally to be held in the scenic Lake George, NY, area.  In ’08, the Americade Rally attracted over 50,000 motorcyclists, and they are hoping for a similar turnout for this year’s rally as well. Residents of the Lake George area actually look forward to the annual return of  motorcyclists that will undoubtedly give their economy a welcoming boost.  As rallies go, the Americade is known as being tamer than some of the other scheduled rallies, so it’s unlikely that overly loud, lewd, or destructive behavior would be the manner of the day at this family-friendly-type rally. Rally organizers suggest that visiting riders should become informed and abide by state helmet and pipe laws. There is a FAQ section on the Americade Rally website that discusses these.    

New Activities Added to ’09 Americade Rally Calendar of Events

Since this is one of the larger of the annual motorcycle rallies, there is already an unbelievable amount of activities scheduled that should keep you entertained.  The new activities that have been added for the ’09 Americade Rally include:

  • Mardi Gras Boat Cruise that will include a Cajun menu and music. What recession? Les Bon Temps Roulez!
  • Country music and line dancing with a 3-course dinner.
  • Guided "Luxo Lunch" tour.
  • Activities: Fuel Economy Run, Adirondack Adventures (Whitewater Rafting, Horseback riding, and ADK Dual-Sport), Bowling Thunder, and more.
  • 7 Lake Loop MiniTour on Tuesday and Thursday and more for Trike riders.

Those are just some of the newly-added events for ’09. There are lots more activities scheduled, not to mention some spectacular riding in the nearby Adirondack Park. Visit the Americade Rally website for further information. 


Motorcycle Rallies Rock

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Motorcycle Rallies & Rock’N Roll

rock and roll motorcycle rallyMost people have certain word associations that come to mind for almost any given topic. Mention the word beach, and within seconds similar words might come to mind such as ocean, followed by a sequence of other words like seagulls, bikini, or sunset. Try the same thing with the word biker, and some of the words that might pop into mind would be Harley, leather, tattoo, or open road. Similarly, with the mention of a motorcycle rally, one of the word combos that immediately comes to mind is Rock ‘N Roll, followed, of course, by biker contests and games, tasty Bar-B-Que, and checking out all the cool bikes and people that will show. 

2009 Motorcycle Rally Scheduled Entertainment

Over the years, there have been lots of top-name bands that have performed to the thousands of bikers that annually attend some of these motorcycle rallies. The larger rallies such as the Sturgis Rally will offer several headliner bands, while the smaller rallies may attract just a few. Some of the much smaller rallies may feature local bands or tribute bands known for playing tunes of some of the greats like Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top. The budgets of the smaller rallies may not afford having the superstars appear at their events, but there will still be lots of great music to be enjoyed. Count on it.

While many of the 2009 rallies are still finalizing their entertainment schedules and some of their websites mention that schedules are still tentative, here is a sampling of the musical talent that you might find should you be looking forward to attending one or more of this year’s motorcycle rallies. Got to say, it’s looking like a great 2009 motorcycle rally year.

  • Arizona Bike Week – Gin Blossoms, Blackfoot, Eddie Money, & Cheap Trick
  • Bikelahoma – David Allan Coe, Jackyl, Texas Hippie Coalition, Crooked X
  • Cherokee Survivors – 38 Special, Shooter Jennings, The Nighthawks, Big Engine
  • Laughlin River Run – Eric Burdon & The Animals, The Charlie Daniels Band, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Skynnyn Lynnyrd
  • Thunder Beach Rally – Geneva, Eli, Mustang Sally, King Cotton, Grip, JB Walker Band, Relix, New Fangled Theory
  • Delmarva Bike Week – Stone Throw, Bobby Friss Band, Great Train Robbery, Laura Lee and Trip Fabulous
  • Ohio Bike Week – Travis Tritt, Jimmie Van Zant, Ekoostik Hookah, and more TBA
  • Carlisle Bike Week – Torn From Red, The Underwater, Nate Myers and the Aces, Kilego Vert, Ledbetter Heights, Sarari So Good, Cyphor, The CCL, Right as Rain, Mitch Hood
  • East Coast Sturgis – 65 Fastback, Ronnie Ray and the Coolers, Blues Unchained, The 69 Band, Nighthawks, Great Train Robbery, Gatorhead,
  • Lightning in the Highlands – Fran Cosmo – former Boston lead singer, Jimmie Van Zant Band, Pat Travers, Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers, and more
  • Sturgis – Aerosmith, Toby Keith, Judge Jackson, Aultimate Ozzy, Jackyl, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, and lots more TBA

This is just a small sample of the great rock ‘n roll lineup the 2009 rally organizers are putting together to make for a great rally year. Got a rock ‘n roll rally story you’d like to share?

Myrtle Beach Bike Week. On or Off?

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The Myrtle Beach Bike Week motorcycle rally is scheduled for May 8 – 17, 2009 this year.  With all of the stories about how Myrtle Beach is rebuffing bikers, you might be wondering if the rally is on or off this year.  Well, the answer is it’s on — sort of.

First of all, there will be NO events held within the city of Myrtle Beach this year.  In fact, the people of Myrtle Beach have spoken clearly enough that they do not want the rally anwhere near their city.  To drive this fact home, they have amended their Public Nuisance ordinance to state:

The effects of an unpermitted special event, or rally are a public nuisance against public health, public decency, peace and order, public welfare and safety and the public economy and responsible parties to be held financially responsible for public cost that result from their promotion.  

If you have a motorcycle that is the least bit loud, they have enacted the following ordinance to deal with you and your kind: 

No loud mufflers; EPA labeling required, or maximum 89 decibels allowed at idle measurement.  (effective immediately)

So if your pipe’s aren’t brand new or aren’t stock, you can expect to get a ticket; and if they are, you can expect to get stopped so that they can measure the sound or make sure that your muffler has an EPA sticker on it.

Brief Version of Myrtle Beach Ordinances

  • No loud mufflers. No straight pipes. No revving of engines or excessive noise.
  • Everyone on a motorcycle must wear a safety helmet and protective eyewear (glasses, goggles, face shield, etc.) at all times while the cycle is moving.
  • No more than two motorcycles allowed in a public parking space.
  • Curfew is in effect from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. for juveniles under age 18, with certain exceptions. Violators are detained and parents are called.
  •  No alcohol sales allowed after 2:00 a.m., unless the bar applies for and receives exemption.
  • No alcohol consumption or open container possession allowed in parking lots and garages of any business.
  • It is a crime not to pay the restaurant or not to leave your name and address if you dispute the bill, service or food.
  • No loitering allowed in posted parking lots of any business. No loitering allowed after hours in parking lots once the business is closed. Store parking is for customers, not parties.
  • No use of parking lots or landscaped areas of any business next to road or street for chairs, coolers, parties, drinking or food service.
  • Security standards are required for gas stations, convenience stores and stores with drive through service. No gathering or loitering is allowed in parking areas without contemporaneous commercial activity. Parking lots are for customers, not parties.
  • Parties responsible for permitted or unpermitted special events that require an extraordinary public response may be held financially responsible for the cost of that response.
  • No parking or storage of trailers and oversize vehicles is allowed on the street; parking for these vehicles is allowed only in approved parking or storage lots.
  • Photo identification required for hotel check-in; minors (under 18) cannot check in without parent, legal guardian or chaperone present. All guests in a room must be identified. Parking hang tags required for all guest vehicles.


To read it straight from their website: Laws Designed to Keep Motorcycles Out of Myrtle Beach.

But, like I said, they ARE going to hold the rally — just not in Myrtle Beach.  Since it’s clear the City of Myrtle Beach does not want motorcyclists’ bar, restaurant or hotel business, perhaps this might be a good  year to sit this one out or go elsewhere.  If you’re still wanting to go, but want to steer clear of the city, here’s a link to a PDF map showing where the city limits of Myrtle Beach are located: Map of Myrtle Beach City Limits.